Scientific Consultations and Research

Bryan spends much of his time involved with private research projects, and has been collaborating with some University scientists. He is always eager to meet new scientists who might be interested in working with him or may be able to help with a project. We ask that you direct any questions to our office (905) 770-9200.


Personal and Corporate Consultations

Each inquiry for a consultation with Bryan is subject to approval by way of discernment. First-time requests for a one-on-one personal discernment must be made by telephone by the individual who is seeking help. Bryan asks that before calling, the individual listen to at least three of his radio broadcasts from the archives in the Listening Room. Depending on the circumstances, appointments can be in person or by telephone.

When contacting our office, please be patient. We understand that your call may be of an urgent nature. If you are unable to speak directly to one of our staff, please be sure to leave your name and phone number on the recorded message so we are able to return your call.

From time to time, Bryan refrains from doing personal discernments, often spending time cleansing, on a spiritual level, from the third-party energy he takes on from clients. In addition, Bryan does spend a lot of his time on scientific research and world peace initiatives that are intended to help seven billion plus people, instead of one individual. Keep in mind also that Bryan is not permitted to take on anyone’s karma.

For some people, it is simply a matter of timing to have a session with Bryan. For others, a session will never take place in this current incarnation. He realizes that it is difficult for many to be rejected but he has to go with the discernment process and accept that there is a bigger picture. For those who have been declined, he asks for your forgiveness.